Hi! I'm Victoria!

I'm a family and wedding photographer based in Atlanta. Well, kind of. Just south of Atlanta, actually. But you've probably never heard of Fayetteville, so I usually just say Atlanta because it's easier.

I've been obsessed with photography since I can remember. As a kid I would walk around with one of those bright yellow disposable cameras and interview friends and snap a headshot to go along with their "story." After high school, I was sure I would study to go into photojournalism, but decided traditional college was not for me (I honestly hate math THAT much), and graduated from The Creative Circus in Digital Imaging. During my time there, I caught the portraiture bug and specialized in fashion and portrait photography, which has led me here... Passionate about telling a couple's and family's story!

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A compliment I have received session after session and wedding after wedding is that my couples and families had so much FUN.

I pride myself on my ability to bring out genuine laughs and smiles, and even those that were dreading the photographs (ahem, dad/groom) actually enjoyed themselves.


Our time together will not be stiff, like I said. But, I like to get things done and get them done efficiently! It is my goal to infuse some joy in getting that to-do list done!

On your wedding day, you can count on me to jump in and make up slack in any area necessary, all while wielding my camera.

I also send you ALLLL my resources (outfit guides, timeline suggestions, vendor lists, etc) prior to our session or wedding time to make you the most prepared you can be!

prompts over poses

Maybe you're awkward in front of the camera, are self-conscious about your arms, or are only appeasing the mom-in-law by getting a photographer. Have no fear!

Prompting is a tactic that I use the most during our session. I pose you in a very natural position and then incorporate prompts. This insights genuine laughter and interaction and makes our time together FUN, instead of "look here, don't move, and smile."

WHEW! THAT WAS A LOT OF WORDS! Still have questions, or want more info? Click the Contact BUTTON below!