1. Jacob 2017 Senior!

    Date 18 Apr 2017
    Seniors will always be my muse. Although they’re sometimes quirky, insecure, and lanky still, I love how each of their personalities will always come out! Here is Jacob, one of my seniors this year, and he was such a pleasure to work with. He’s a smart guy - heading to Georgia…

  2. Creative Fun - Hannay

    Date 14 Apr 2017
    I did an extremely last minute “model call” of sorts, where I posted on Facebook asking if anyone wanted to play today. Play, as in, hang out and have fun shooting whatever we wanted. No expectations An Atlanta-local model and fellow photographer/creative, Hannay responded, whom I had been talking to a little bit…

  3. Ferrante Full Family!

    Date 10 Apr 2017
    Back during Christmas, you might have seen the beautiful, young family that I photographed. If not, you now have another opportunity Joni approached me to photograph them again, but this time it was also going to be her entire immediate family! She had her parents, as well as her 2 gorgeous…

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